About Ana Freitas

Ana Freitas was born in Caracas, Venezuela. With a strong artistic
background, Ana Freitas has the ability of making your vision become
a reality by designing efficient and aesthetically pleasing
environments that reflect your individual style and professional image.

From the moment she was born, Ana Freitas has always been
exposed to art. She has a strong European background studying and
living in different countries, and a background in Art and History. Also,
she had been influenced by her mother -the internationally
recognized  painter- Tina Nunez.

By staying in touch with all the cultural changes in the world, Ana has
been able to merge the best of European and Latin-American culture.
Her fluency in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French allows her
access to numerous art publications featuring the most influential
contemporary artists.  

Ana Freitas has always been attracted to space planning, as well as  
the relationship between size functionality and Art. With her
exceptional work outside the United States, she has the ability of
incorporating different cultures into her work.

From condos to mansions, from new construction to remodeling, from
luxury residential to created "face lifts", Ana Freitas can decorate or
organize events that are a direct reflection of the client's wishes. Ana
will guide you towards realizing your fullest expression, capturing your
essence, and engaging your personal style. The ultimate goal is to
create something that makes you feel comfortable by capturing your

Ana Freitas is known for graceful flattering rooms
, for warm lighting,
and for picking
 that "ideal piece of art " that would put it all together.
The mood is based on each client's needs.

“I love designing spaces that appeal to my clients' exclusive style and
quality of living.”  
Art & Interior Design
Ana Freitas
(631) 848-2508